About us

This page is dedicated to uncover the opportunities in public speaking. It helps you to maximize the power of your personality and unleash the potential within you. For us the word SPEAK means the Speak Academy where we teach the art of public speaking to those who need this skills in their career, in business life or simply to better express themselves. To the ones who want to share their life experiences or want to speak up for their fellow-creatures who are in need. Who feel that with the power of words they can shape the world as well.


The team behind Speak

The SPEAK Academy was founded by  William Benkő, an accomplished public speaker. His mission is to move the self-confidence meter in Hungary’s by working with some of the country’s best talent in the area of public speaking.

Businessman, entrepreneur, coach, ex-president of the American Chamber of Commerce, executive board member of numerous international organizations and foundations such as Fulbright Hungary or the Csodalámpa Foundation, talent ambassador of the MATEHETSZ and founder of the Toastmasters in Hungary, President of the Strategic Advisory Board for Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design. His courage and determination derive from overcoming a serious childhood illness. So does his self-confidence.

Attila first met William Benkő during a public speaking training 9 years ago that changed his life. Over the following years he became devoted to the field of speaking, organized training sessions and won several speaking contests. He was elected as the president of Toastmasters Hungary and today he is works together with his mentor on SPEAK.