With this training, participants can acquire the necessary communication skills in order to become good performers and great leaders, and therefore be successful in their business lives.

In many jobs of business life, especially in a leadership position, being a great presenter is a must. Standing up in front of hundreds of people however is a huge challenge for many of us. Aptitude is not enough; we must be familiar with the main formal and personal criteria of an effective speech.
Our former graduates include managers of multinational companies, internationally successful startuppers and students who are still at the beginning of their career.


We recommend our Business training to those experts and future leaders who would like to become good performers as well, those who speak English and have to give speeches regularly in front of a large audience. Such experts and future leaders need irrevocable self-confidence to succeed; this we guarantee with Business Speak. The applause after their speech at the closing ceremony and gala dinner will convince them that everything is possible, if they put their mind to it. Afterwards, problems will become exciting challenges, challenges they can handle and resolve in a creative way. They will welcome the opportunity to appear and perform in public and exploit their skills. This in turn will enhance their career and professional development as well.

During the training we work with analogies. We compare ideas, concepts, and things that first may seem to be distant from each other. This technique effectively improves creativity because it continuously motivates participants to find new, unusual solutions to the issues they face.

  • Our students will learn how to control their fears, which they can use in other fields of their lives.
  • Craft inspiring messages.
  • Develop appropriate body language and voice control.
  • Develop self-confidence, and a powerful presence.
  • Structure speeches that are easier to understand and remember.
  • Evoke curiosity and establish the improtance of reading.
  • Realize that life is full of excitement; a long journey to be enjoyed

“Let’s create a tool that helps people communicate better and makes them more creative. When someone is able to stand up in front of a large audience to share his/her own feelings, that are the feelings of that audience at the same time, that makes the speaker more powerful somehow. This power is the source of confidence.”

– William Benkő



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