Speak Akadémia Gála: motivációs beszédek és fine dining vacsora a Marriott Hotelben

A Marriot Hotelben is készülnek a Speak Akadémia tanulói a Gála est motivációs beszédeire.
Nagyszerű érzés hétről- hétre látni a fejlődést, amin egyesek keresztülmennek. Az első alkalmakkor még sokan izgultak, többen lapról olvasták a mondanivalójukat és elakadtak a megfelelő szavakat keresve. Mostanra a lapok már az asztalokon maradnak. Mindenki magabiztosan és magávalragadóan adja át a mondanivalóját.


17:30 A vendégek érkezése a köszöntő italok felszolgálása
18:00 Köszöntő
18:05 Beszédek
18:30 Előétel
18:50 Beszédek
19:15 Második fogás
19:40 Beszédek
20:05 Főfogás
20:35 Beszédek
20:50 Desszert és kávé



Ottilia Szász

Executive Housekeeper, Budapest Marriott Hotel

 Life is an exciting journey. You know where you have started it, but you never know where it will take you in the end.

William Benkő´s Speak Academy helped me to develop my skills and share my story with you about Life.


Peter Oszkó

Co-founder, Director, KAZA Concrete,

Only very few can afford to be happy and successful while hiding from the public. For the rest of us, sharing our ideas with a broader audience and engaging people is crucial. Speak Academy tries to make this a part of your comfort zone. My speech will be about making every day the time of our life.


Adam Cseh

Business Development Manager, NESPA-Autocherche.ch

How social justice can promote cooperation? I believe, that sometimes we have to speak out for hope and motivation. This is the reason why I started this course, so now I have the tool, but the key for success is YOU.


Andras Koncz

Brand Manager, Style Communication

Your mindset is everything. Thats what I believe in. Your belief system creates your reality. So choose your thoughts carefully to make a difference for a better future!

With public speaking you have the tool to spread these ideas in an impactful way on a larger scale.

Robert Zelnik

Director of Market Sales, Budapest Marriott Hotels

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit.”-A slogan by Aristotle that means a lot to me. This is what I am aiming for, doesn’t matter if it is my profession or personal life or my passion: running. I am a proud marathon runner and also completed over 20 half-marathons. This is just the beginning of my route.

Ferenc Rippel

Performer, CEO, Rippel Brothers since 1989

Ferenc – the older brother – is part of the Rippel Brothers acrobatics team seen by millions around the world.  Their act contains elements of adagio, hand balancing, acrobatics.  Ferenc’s latest challenge was to learn to become a  public speaker so he can even more effectively motivate others.


Julia Pintér

Project Manager

I came to Willy’s class to finally conquer my fear of public speaking but I ended up slaying all my dragons and meeting amazing new friends who have inspired me and enriched my life beyond the classroom. I hope you will join us this special evening!

Kata Marjai
Senior Wealth Consultant, CONSEQUIT
Our group provide information and educate Hungarian families to take responsibility and make conscious decisions in time for their secure future.
I am a people person. I believe in talking and giving valuable time to others will make the World a better place. I love to be connected with people and connecting people in that exponentially accelerating World we live