Speak Akadémia Gála- április 27.: motivációs beszédek és gálavacsora a Corinthiában

Érdekes személyiségek izgalmas élettel, színes történetekkel és tartalmas gondolatokkal, olyanokkal, amelyek érdemesek arra, hogy nagyobb közönség előtt is megosszák őket.

Minden kezdet nehéz, így a mostani csoportoknak is meg kellett küzdeniük a nyilvános beszéd kezdeti kihívásaival. Elakadó szavak, bénító izgalom és az érzés, hogy ez nem éppen úgy sikerült, ahogy elképzeltem. Majd szépen lassan hétről-hétre mindenki megtanulta, hogyan tudja kontrollálni az érzelmeit, mozdulatait és érzékletessé, élvezhetővé, hatásossá tenni mondanivalóját a színpadon. Április 27-én pedig meghallgathatják az előadók végső vizsgabeszédeit a Corinthia Hotelben egy pazar gálavacsora keretében. Az esemény angol nyelvű lesz.


18:00 A vendégek érkezése a köszöntő italok felszolgálása
18:30 Köszöntő
18:35 Beszédek
19:05 Első fogás
19:35 Beszédek
20:05 Főfogás
20:35 Beszédek
21:05 Benkő Vilmos záróbeszéde
21:15 Oklevélkiosztás
21:30 Desszert és kávé


Juhász Zsófi

Zsófia Juhász

Communications Manager, AmCham

You know that I love to talk. A lot. About any subject. But this time it will be different, as I will have the chance to talk in front of 100 people about a topic that is close to my heart. Alone. On a stage. Into a mic. I am thrilled that you will be there to support me, as this is an exciting milestone for me and the past weeks I spent long hours preparing for this speech, together with a group and the help of professional coaches. We are all thrilled that you will lbe there on April 27. See you soon at the Corinithia!


Gábor Szendrői

Consultant, CONSEQUIT

I believe you have to face your fears, you have to conquer your demons and  most importantly, yourself in order to evolve. You have to be able to change your own life in order to change the life of others. This is a (huge) step on this wonderful journey.

Salamon János

János Salamon

Country Manager, Practify

I believe personal experience is crucial for supporting others to find their motivation to learn, develop themselves and achieve better performance. As the country manager of Practify I am passionate about increasing the effectiveness of learning and competency development in Hungary. To reach these goals and others, knowledge and passion are rarely enough. We have to be able to communicate our message clearly. I joined the course to learn how to make a message sticky and memorable.

Brandstatter Gábor

Gábor Brandätter

International Project Manager

I will share my thoughts about what circumstances can influence our decisions in our life, using the analogy of hiking. I will also challenge myself in English to make you consider the background of your own decisions. In addition to that I hope we will all be proud to spend an evening together, feeling also the cohesion of presence.

Bodnár Attila

Attila Bodnár

Product Owner, Practify

Dear relatives and friends,

You may know that I’m not a typical toastmaster type, you may also know that I have started to change this stereotype. I speak in public with a great group every Friday. I would like to show you what I’ve learnt on the 27th of April…it is a Wednesday…

I will talk about changes, decisions and love, and how these three words are related to an IT job. As a friend, mother, brother or a person who is close to my heart, I would like you to join me at this event and be a part.


Ildikó Herenyik

Innovation Manager, Adinne Ltd.

Dear Guests,

I am Ildikó Herenyik and going to take a new challenge, which is public speech. I am working at healthcare technology innovation business and presenting a new idea is always fun. Now I present the idea of “dancing against aging”. Hope to see you there, enjoying the event.


Gábor Ákos Uhrin

IT service analyst (Financial IT)

I would like to invite you to the gala for one single reason: To learn from each other.

Like us, who have to make decisions day by day, there is a constant underrated question.

Should I, or should I not?

Us, the audience and the speakers also, might learn to make the right decision, and much more.


Qi Dai


Taking this course, is the best decision in my life!
Public speaking completely changed me. I will speak about my grandmother.

Zoltán Demendy

Implementation Specialist, Practify

I am deeply interested in learning and improving myself, for which Speak provided ample opportunities. My main interests cover history, fiction writing, philosophy and theology, which areas can be surprisingly practical, although – admittedly – not in everyday challenges. I like theoretical debates and arguments way too much.