During the workshops at Speak Academy, step-by-step we help to break down the discomfort associated with speaking. We find topics the students can identify themselves with, and in which they find energy that makes a speech a great speech. At the end of the course, we organize a Graduation Gala, where the students give their first public speech in front of their family, friends and guests. The invited guests tell their opinion about Speak Academy’s course, and prove that the results students can achieve at Speak truly impress everyone.

„What I enjoyed the most was their determination and their creativity and the endless possibility of development. I can truly recommend to all of us to try it.”

– Prof. Dr Csermely Péter

On 29, November, at the Graduation Gala of Speak Academy’s Student Speak course, Peter Csermely, President of Hungarian National Talent Support evaluated the course and its participants. He shared how fascinated he was about the creativity and self-confidence of the children at the course.

“In the future lot of things will be taken over by computers. One of the things that will remain is communication. And these children will have learnt that for their life.”

– Joerg Bauer

At the Graduation Gala of Speak Academy’s Student Speak Seminars, Joerg Bauer, President of GE Hungary told how impressed he was, despite the fact that he is not the type who can be impressed easily.

„It was great to see these young teenagers, how confident they are how bright they are. It was really inspiring to see them.”

– Szertics Gergely

Gergely Szertics, CEO of Analogy Co. evaluated the students participating in Speak Academy’s Student Seminars, and the course itself, which he used to attend as well.

Juhász Bence

“The more the IT solutions continue to dominate our everyday life the more face-to-face connections are being valued. To improve together, to actually pay attention to one another, to talk with each other. Speak seminars help participants to increase these kind of activities and skills as well. The course doe not only improve our rhetorical skills, but makes us get to know each other a little better, they challenge and help each other. The impact of all this does not only last until the graduation, but throughout our entire life. “

-Bence Juhász

Rippel Feri

“I can only talk about the Speak seminars in superlatives.
I took really seriously the whole process, as for me public speaking plays such an important role in my life as performing art does.
The course is really well structured and organized. William and Attila led and educated us in a truly professional way. It resulted in an unbelievably strong self-confidence on stage, which I’ve been making use of ever since.
Strong start! Thank you very much!”

– Ferenc Rippel


“Due to Speak Academy’s course I am not afraid to talk in English anymore. During my motivational speech I felt amazing, and I had great self-confidence. I learnt to go out there and make an exceptional speech. I know, that whenever I have to give a presentation I can rely on the skills and experience acquired through the seminars.
I am grateful to have been part of this!”

-Franciska Hörnyék


“This course is the key to success. I have to admit that at the beginning it was scary to speak in front of many people, I wanted to run, but now, it’s my passion. I just love it!”

-Qi Dai

Marjai Kata

“I happen to come across with the opportunity of learning Public Speaking. Retoric and eloquence mean a lot to me since my student life. The course is an adventure, definitely meaningful learning and it opened up new horizons in speaking skills, meeting fellow speakers. It’s a must on the top of our bucket list.”

-Kata Marjai


“Did you know that public speaking is second on the list of top 10 fears?
If you ask me what I have learned during the course.
My answer is very simple. I don’t fear of anything.
Go on. Boost your self confidence.”

– Imre Turák



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