What will you be when you grow up? Usually kindergarteners are excited to answer this question, but older students often shrug their shoulders—and the reason is—it’s the wrong question to ask. Today’s youth need to answer this question: What problem do I want to solve in the world? If they answer this question, it will define what they need to study. Now, make no mistake. This is tough. It requires self-awareness and thinking in a direction often not supported by traditional educational curriculums. Our youth, today, desperately need skills that will give them the confidence to make the right choice at the right time. Understandably, the future is a mystery, but guess what? The skills we need are not a mystery. In fact, and this has been proven over and over—the most important and critical skill we need is the ability to speak confidently in public, and that skill will grow in importance over time.

Exclusively for students, 9-20 years of age

The Student Speak Seminars of Speak Academy help elementary, high school and college students become excellent speakers. This is a real “win” for them, as they learn key leadership skills well before they may be needed. We develop these skills along topics that are close to a student’s heart. They learn what it means to “own” their favourite topic.

The program’s grand finalé is an elegant Graduation Gala dinner, where students have the opportunity to present their ceremonial graduation speech in front of family, friends and guests. In addition, each student receives a certificate, and we post and promote their speeches on Speak Academy’s website.

When students take part in the Speak Academy course they gain the courage to be more circumspect in making a career choice, become better informed and persuasive, and will become better critical thinkers.

A special program for university and college students

We recommend the Student Speak training for any university or college student who has a desire to upgrade his or her speaking skills and wants to better defend and share their ideas. This is a great step forward for those who already speak English and are looking for a new challenge.

During the course we also work with analogies, which means, that we compare ideas, concepts and things that first may seem to be distant from each other. This technique improves creativity, because it motivates our students to find new and unusual solutions.

Finally, the enthusiastic applause they hear and see, after their graduation speech at the closing ceremony, will reinforce the attitude that everything is possible.


„All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our students can learn how to control their fears, which they can use in other fields of their lives. They will be able to craft inspiring messages. There is no doubt that they will love to appear and perform in public and seek the opportunities to exploit their skills. It will enhance their future career and personal development as well.



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