William Benko, businessman, entrepreneur, coach, ex-president of the American Chamber of Commerce, executive board member of numerous international organizations and foundations such as Fulbright Hungary or the Csodalámpa Foundation, talent ambassador of the MATEHETSZ and founder of the Toastmasters in Hungary, President of the Strategic Advisory Board for Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design. His courage and determination derive from overcoming several great challenges in his childhood. So does his self-confidence.

„These kids are really smart. But I invite any of you to help them create their confidence, just like we do here at Speak. Cause this kind of confidence is what can take them forward.”

– William Benko

Closing the Graduation Gala of Speak Academy’s Student Seminars, William Benko talked about whether technology actually changes the way of communication today the way we think it does.

“Grab a skill, get good at it, and then share it with others”

– William Benko

Closing the Graduation Gala of 21, November, William Benkő told the audience his motivation behind Speak Academy: public speaking he believes is a skill that can help to revolutinaise the world from bottom-up.

„It’s amazing how much impact we can have on one another if we eventually decide to take the first steps leading to raising our confidence through the courses or in any other way that helps us”

– William Benko

Closing the Graduation Gala in Corinthia Hotel, William Benkő expressed how proud he is to his students and revealed some stories behind the success of those.

„I am the kind of person who takes the information and finds out how to use it the best possible way.”

– William Benko

William Benko’s speech about his experience of watching a 10-hour long, open heart operation and about his students who impressed the audience of the Graduation Gala with their speeches.

„Someone who can stand up in front of a group of people and share what they really feel and mean, that gives you a sense of power. And when you have that sense of power, it gives you self-confidence.”

– William Benko

Speak Academy ‘s Speech Seminar, Graduation May 31, Internationally known public speaker, William Benkő introduces his students and speaks about the significance of public speaking.



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