An Inspiring Commencement Speech from Tony Robbins

If you look were to Google for the most inspiring public speakers, Tony Robbins will be near the beginning of the list. He’s a well-respected motivational speaker and coach…and he has mastered the special skill we call charisma. Millions have been impacted by his ideas, his words, and his energy. Likely you are one of them. He recently delivered a commencement speech in which he offers excellent advice for these extraordinary times. Let’s learn together as we analyze his talk.

Tony’s speaking style is an excellent example of passion in action. From his first word until the last, Robbins makes an enthusiastic, passionate impression. And this is what makes his speech and his speaking style so inspiring. This is Tony’s signature style. When you see someone speaking this way, you feel drawn to follow them. Tony is on fire for his topic, you feel the pull to watch him burn. Imagine seeing someone giving a boring speech. It’s monotonous, tiring, and flat as a pancake. Would you follow that speaker? There is a good chance, you wouldn’t even accept their advice. Learn from Tony Robbins; when you want to inspire, you must be first inspired.

To craft an engaging speech, the use of storytelling is a must. Data and facts can help, but only after you have established a bond with your story. Immediately after opening his speech, Robbins shared a powerful, personal story from his childhood. It’s filled with emotions and is simple enough so you can easily understand its message. You can relate to Tony’s experience when his father is trying to slam the door shut as he refuses the food for Thanksgiving. You’re there as 11-year-old Tony faces a horrible holiday. No further explanation is needed. When it’s that simple and that powerful, it’s engaging.

Tony is experienced to the point that he can pull off speeches that some of us couldn’t. If you are a fan of Tony, you will have heard a lot of material that fills in potential gaps. As people with less experience than Tony, Team Speak Academy would encourage you to clarify the structure of the speech. When it comes to its structure and content, it is broad. Emphasizing the importance of decision making, he lists three ways one can make a decision. But throughout his speech, these three ways to decide are not explained in a crystal clear way. He talks disproportionately about the first way and less about the second and the third ways. Even when he is closing his speech, he keeps going back to multiple topics and ideas. When you give a speech, lay down the structure: tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them. Balance the three.

Tony Robbins can teach us a lot about speaking. His passion reaches through the screen; it’s impactful. And his impact is further increased by the personal story he shares. Reach deep, when looking for a story. If it gives you goosebumps, it will do the same for your audience. And don’t forget, to inspire others, you need to get inspired first. Watching this speech from Tony Robbins is a great way to get started down the road toward passion in action.

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