A Professional Presentation by Carol Dweck

Professional presentations are boring. Data, charts, and statistics. If that’s what you think, we’ve got great news for you. We found an excellent example of how to nail a professional presentation. Carol Dweck, Ph.D. is one of the top psychologists of our time. In her speech, she not only gives a great example of how to make a professional presentation, but we can also learn about the benefits of having a growth mindset.

Many presenters struggle with the challenge, “how do I make my presentation engaging?” Some data is necessary, but it’s not hard to guess that a towering pile of data can hardly be engaging and fun for your audience. Carol Dweck shows this by illustrating the significance of these statistics using relevant and relatable examples. The way she talks about students explains her statistical results effectively. As for the audience, it is not hard to identify themselves with students’ difficulties.

Carol Dweck uses her body language brilliantly to support her message. Notice how she smiles and employs hand gestures when she talks about the growth mindset. She smiles and speaks enthusiastically. But then when it comes to a fixed mindset, Carol reaches for more serious facial expressions and even her hands face downward. Previously, she gestured by holding her hands upward. When you talk about different topics or ideas, even opposites, emphasize their difference with your body language as well.

In her presentation, she frames it with a strong start and a strong stop. It grabs our attention that students do not receive a failing grade like 1 or F, rather a grade of “not yet”. This is not what we are typically used to. And at the end of her speech, she emphasizes her message once again by referring back to it. Catch your audience’s attention at the beginning of your speech and help them remember more easily by applying a strong start and a strong stop to your speech.

Engaging examples, supporting body language and adding a strong start and a strong stop greatly increased the impact of Carol’s speech. Follow the example given by Carol Dweck and use your professional presentation to make an impact. With a growth mindset, you are certain to achieve it.

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