Book Recommendations

Kinga Györffy

To find and share a story that’s hidden in the deep, forgotten, or simply unknown: that’s special, often a pivotal experience. Lessons learned from such events are great fodder not only for my clients but for me too, I gladly speak about them.

Bolya Imre

Imre is the author of the book “Charisma”. He is a charisma trainer, an inspirational speaker and a speech coach. He believes that when you learn to speak in public you can change the life of your audience and also your own life.

dr. Németh Zoltán

Imagine you’ve given a memorable and impactful presentation, you’re taking in the thundering applause as you see the sincere smiles,…you’re chest swells with pride as you casually step from the stage.

This book is an encouragement

For those who have so far felt that they were not born performers, their temperament and personality, such as their quietness, gentleness, modesty, make them unfit to stand in front of an audience. Message them with this book to dare to embark on a path of rhetorical, performance technique and storytelling development! It will not be a way to change their personality, but on the contrary: a way to find and refine their own voice, their style. For this, they get help in the book: approach, principles and tools.

The book is in Hungarian.

Would you like to make an impact on people?

Karizma is a standalone self-development book, which summarizes the 12 + 1 most charismatic speakers’ inspirational stories and presentation strategies. The book synthesizes the lessons and provides practical steps to develop your charisma.

The book is in Hungarian.

Become a relaxed speaker capable of sweeping people off their feet

You too can learn how to give a memorable and effective speech. Show your best side, when given the opportunity to speak. Express your internal values externally. Learn using the book of the most popular presentation trainer along with his professional team.

The book is in Hungarian.


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