Talent course

With this training, participants can acquire the necessary communication skills in order to become good performers and great leaders, and therefore be successful in their business lives.


If you can’t wait for the next course to begin and want to start down the road to developing your speaking skills now, online is for you! Begin boosting your confidence in six hours. Are you the CEO of your company and long for the day, when you can train your management to communicate well? Is personal contact with the instructor not crucial for you? Our online program makes it possible to quickly, effectively and independently learn outside the walls of the organization. With the premium program, our students receive regular feedback regarding their progress; this way, you can easily monitor someone’s progress.


Development requires two steps: practice and feedback. When preparing for an important speech, don’t wait for the audience to react to realize that something has failed.

About Us

This site is intended to uncover the benefits of speaking in public. It helps you maximize the power of your personality and share your inner strength. For us the word SPEAK means the Speak Academy, where we teach the art of public speaking to those who need this skill in their career, in business or simply to better express themselves. You could be someone who wants to share your life experiences or wants to speak up for your fellow man in need. With the power of your words, you can shape the world.


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