“It’s the going down that drives me crazy”

The current situation is another powerful example of how volatile our world is.  It’s easy to become over-confident because of prior achievements.  Even though they may be phenomenal achievements, they have not rid our lives of the volatility.  Many have recently lost their jobs. Other people around us face anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. That’s why Speak Academy’s new series launches with a speech that offers you a clear strategy on how to handle the uncertainty of volatility.  Accompanying the speech, there is an analysis of a speech on emotional leadership in times of chaos from Bishop TD Jakes.

First, the first impression. As you start watching this video, TD Jakes immediately gains your trust. His appearance helps him achieve that. It’s clean, simple and rather conservative, nothing vibrant.  His tone is deep and calm, his style is friendly. He starts his speech in a calm and friendly manner and uses simplicity to talk about emotional maturity in times of crisis. This establishes the Ethos, the credibility of the speaker, similarly to what Willy taught you about it.

Then he explains the problem, the topic of his speech. The only certain thing is change. Always. When you are about to give a speech on a certain topic, make sure that your audience understands the gravity of that issue well. You must understand it, too, since you’re the one giving that speech. Think about this for a moment.  It sounds intuitive, but it still eludes many speakers.  Choosing to give a speech about a popular topic, just because others are, is not a good enough reason to give that speech. But if you want others to listen to you, make sure that your topic matters to them as well. Since TD Jakes makes it clear that change is a part of everyone’s life, even yours, you are drawn to listen to his solution.

Then, he explains the analogy of the rollercoaster. Isn’t it a simple but really adequate analogy for the topic? TD Jakes is okay with going upwards on a rollercoaster, but the problem comes when it starts going downward. As long as things are going very well with your business, at your company, in family, with friends, you feel: cool, confident, calm. But when it starts to go down, anything not anchored will easily move or change. This is explained by the analogy of the rollercoaster, just as you learned it in your Speak Academy class.

Throughout his speech, TD Jakes offers several stories and examples that help you understand the significance of emotional maturity. This is not intended to be a word-by-word analysis of his speech.   We want to highlight a couple of examples that can inspire you to craft your own speech in a more meaningful way, for example, to motivate your colleagues, while working remotely. But this speech offers a phenomenal example of how the cohesion of the speech is achieved by referring back to your previous examples in the speech. The analogy of the rollercoaster, the personal story about the safari trip and others are used by TD Jakes throughout his whole speech.

He makes the takeaway message crystal clear. Intelligence, IQ is necessary. But to handle uncertainty, crises and downward slopes, you need emotional maturity, which is EQ. He anchors it with a personal story; it becomes easy to understand and to remember.

Now you have it. A brief analysis of this inspiring speech. We hope this speech helps you face your current situation with a more powerful arsenal of ideas. We encourage you, to craft your own motivational speech for your colleagues or friends so that they find a source of inspiration in your words. You have learned from Willy that we should give away the gifts we have. As a member of the Speak Alumni, you have this gift to give away to those who need it the most. And if you need help with that, you have Team Speak Academy by your side.

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